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Thank The Devil For Blasphemous Jesus Memes

blasphemous jesus memes

Maybe, its the little fucked up  in life that keep me smiling. Well, at least part of the time. This morning on FB a friend of mine posted this hilarious bit of jesus blasphemy. Its just one of many fucked up blasphemous jesus memes! I was sipping on my cup of expresso and came across this. I about died. LOL

Have I not been telling you perverts, on the phone, that jesus wont save our pretty play-toys from the sick perversions we have? While everyone is having fun poking (literally) these lambs of god. Jesus was off sucking cock or making a daisy chain for his long girly hair while the most delicious kinds of accomplice play go on.

Not much fucking help there, son. Now you see why you are such a disappointment? Christians who have blind faith in such a moron gives me a reason to get up in the morning. Keep up the good work, dummy. The more neglect you dish out the more people that question whether or not you should be the god in their life.

This is where I step in. Recruiting for Lucifer, made just a little bit easier by you, dumb-ass. When you talk to this satanic phone sex mistress I am always scheming to add to Satan’s fucked up legion of perverts and sickos. Dorks like jesus make my job a pleasure to perform.

I may start making my own blasphemous jesus memes? What you guys think?


3 comments on “Thank The Devil For Blasphemous Jesus Memes

  1. Shane Bannerman

    Oh, my Most Dear Mistress Demonica, can my cock even STAND the thought of your sick pleasure derived from the agonies inflicted upon those little sweethearts in Cleveland? Will I ever be able to stop whacking off in a frenzy as you describe their horrors, praise Lord Satan for those who would commit such acts, and tell how their tears and screams only made you wetter and wetter as your magnificent body’s alluring curves wracked in orgasm after orgasm as theirs were so brutally defiled for perverted amusement?
    Hmm . . . In attempting to now answer them in order, I’m finding those questions essentially rhetorical. It’s all just a somewhat elaborate way to tell You how fucking HARD YOU MAKE MY DICK!!
    Who–WHO?–more so than You, my Lovely Goddess, knows so perfectly the nuances of the most severe blasphemy? Who else could conjure 10 Evil Commandments that spit in christ’s face for Satan’s glory, and tear at his flesh like a whip as he hangs and bleeds?
    I’d like to help, in any small way that I can, with your site’s further development. Let’s see, I can furiously whack off as you delve into the Cleveland Sweethearts. I can furiously whack off as you continue to desecrate everything about jesus and his cunt mother. Uh . . . did I mention the Cleveland thing?
    You’re fantastic. Period.
    Thank you SO GODDAMN MUCH for all that you take the time to do!

    Please continue to fucking RULE this niche!! And don’t ever let up! I mean . . . if that’s okay with You, my Goddess.

    Deep Lust,

    • Demonica

      This is possibly one of the best, fucked up, comments any of my sites has ever received! Thank you for enjoying what I do, Shane. It is my POV that a Dark Demoness is nothing with out her adoring minions. You freaks rock!!

      Sounds like the help you want to give involves a lot of lube and spontaneous explosions. ;) Better have your handy bible around for kleenex as we lick up the tears and blood of those that satiate our desires. Those desires for some fucked up filth and perversion that gnaw at our bellies.

      Or even better yet! Blow that satanic baby gravy in some squirming hot twat with me!

      *Horn High*

      • Shane Bannerman

        Oh, my Dark Satanic Mistress, what an effect your words have upon me. What I wouldn’t do to spend 22 to 25 minutes licking your wicked pussy and asshole while you compared Xfiniti bundles through the door chain in strappy, cherry red red pumps with some Fios jerkoff named Stanley. Though I’m sure you get that a lot.
        Perhaps I’ve been too hard on the Cleveland girls. Imagining their cute little panties roughly pulled aside as their tight, young bodies were savagely ravaged without mercy does bring a primal pleasure, if I’m to be honest. Particularly while imagining your soft, loving voice providing the merciless color commentary (and I guess “savagely” is kind of redundant when an innocent piece of cunt is being ravaged in a basement). You’ll have to excuse my grammar somewhat. Not much of anything gets to my brain when I think of you.
        What I’m trying to say is, I’m hoping that you might please find a few moments in your busy day to pen a prayer to jesus for the girls. Your thoughts on what was inflicted upon their innocent bodies, and hopes for them as they move forward, would mean a lot. Satan undoubtedly took immense pleasure in these sickening events, and with your help we can all, including the girls, perhaps find some solace in the comfort of christ’s arms.
        It may sound a bit unusual, my Mistress Demonica, but I feel that somewhere among myriad great truths established long before foaming hand soap, you and I were meant to somehow have something to do with each other . . . or something. And I’m starting to believe that somewhere in the deepest recesses of that wickedly imaginative mind of yours, that’s currently inaccessible without therapy involving inappropriate contact lawsuits, you’re feeling the same.
        Let’s together seek the answers to what’s happening between us, while we fight these urges that find pleasure in the sickest evil. I mean, that’s just fucked up by definition. Sheesh.
        Reading your words, I will pray with you, rigid cock in hand–see, SEE?! This is what you do to me! And only with your help, your loving care, can I find release from these desires. The Commandments on this site differ so much from those I am familiar with, almost polar opposites in fact. I’m kinda sensing a pattern.
        So where does the real truth lie? is there any hope for me, being so very deeply in sinful lust with you, my gorgeous Goddess? And do you know if Xfiniti lets you subscribe to individual channels, instead of having to fuck around with different packages, like with Fios? Fuckin’ Stanley.

        Yours in Lust,

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