Satanic Mistress Phone Sex Goddess Queen

Your satanic mistress phone sex goddess isn’t feeling this season. What kind of dark and evil mistress loves ice cream, beaches, sun burns, and colourful bikinis? Not one worth her own salt. I have my dignity, thank you very much. Actually I hate the heat. Insufferable weather. I stay inside on those sunny days and work, watch netflix, use horny men for my amusement, play with my minxy cats, update my twitter and pray for rain. Thats what a proper pale skinned goth queen does.

Now I will admit that the west coast has been pretty nice so far this spring/summer. Lots of rain and dark days and if you know me at all then you know rain is the only way to get me to enjoy summer weather. However, the last couple of days the sun has been doing its annoying best to pop out and disturb me. Oh well, I guess I will have to cringe and bear it or do some sort of rain spell to alieviate this bright light in my eyes and heat on my lilly-white flesh.

I wanted to do discuss some interesting fantasy topics I have enjoyed recently. You know I love those bizarre and freaky fantasy roleplays you naughty men come up with. There was one lovely fellow who called me who was quite shy on his first call but loosened up when he discovered what a real sci-fi bizarre fantasy maniac I was! Please, dont ever feel shy with me. I love genuine men with well thought out and interesting sexual fetishes. If you truly dig it then share! I get off on enthusiastic men who enjoy the delicious act of 2 people ravishing each others imaginations.

Your satanic mistress phone sex goddess did a call where she laid eggs

This was a whole new take on the impregnation fantasy. This sweet caller wanted me to be pregnant but instead of your typical human female pregnancy he wanted me to carry an very large egg that he would fertilize by having bareback sex with me. It was so much bizarre fun! I love being able to take his pregnant woman fetish to new and exciting heights! Now, you all know in real life a human female doesnt carry an egg baby but thats what makes fantasy phone sex so much fun! He told me how much adores pregnant women. Finds them beautiful, very sexy, and even worships them as the goddess’ they truly are.

Now, who doesnt want a man like that in their lives? This satanic mistress phone sex goth is not being sacrastic at all. I think his love of women and understanding of the female body is pretty sweet and I hope to explore his fantasy with him again, very soon.

I think some people think that phone sex involves just dirty smack talk. I cant talk for any other person in this industry but for me it so much deeper than that. I decide what calls I want to do and with whom. I tend to cultivate interesting, smart, humorous callers because those are the kind of men I want to talk to. Dickheads who are rude, or passive aggressive, or who truly believe women or other innocent beings deserve hate or violence in the real world I wont deal with kindly. I specialize in fantasy talk. I am open minded and a blaspheming, creative, freak of nature in the world of fantasy and I hope you are too.

If you have an twisted or bizarre role-play you want to talk about please dont hesitate to get my demoness imagination going. You will find this satanic mistress phone sex queen’s imagination to be lush, fervid and sensually creeptastic! Our call will feel like a lush religious experience that will have you panting for more.

This BDSM Phone Sex Mistress wants to put the Sun in Bondage

Its a weird title right? Well, not if you know this BDSM phone sex mistress’ absolute disdain of the sun. I clearly dont understand why anyone would get so excited over this weather. Where is my dreary skies and rain? I am pouting like I do every damn year. I dont like to sun-tan, I dont enjoy volley ball at the beach. Jesus, hanging out at the pool? No thanks. I will leave that up to the rest of you. This vampira has never liked the sun. Thats right, even before I became a goth femdom I couldnt stand summer. The only thing I like is growing pretty flowers and herbs. That is the only good thing about the sun and the warmer weather. Every year I have my hanging garden. So I hang plants all around my deck roof. Pretty Fuchsias, Catnip, Holy Basil, Spearmint, Peonies, Snap Dragons etc.. I love pretty flowers espcially if they smell nice. I would grow Jasmine since its my fave scent but I am afraid it wouldnt do well in a hanging pot.

Last year I had a flower that had little bells on it and the inside of the bell looked like a cock! I am so immature at times, I had to get everyone I know to come look at my cock bells. I was rather proud of them.

Why does this BDSM phone sex mistress hate the sun and summer?

Way too hot!

No rain

I am photosensitive

My eyes cant see in the harsh light

Did I mention I hate it hot?

If I could enslave the sun and put it in bondage I would. I would cackle like a witch and I would hide that fat yellow bastard in my basement lol. Ok I dont have a basement but I do have a big blue tarp! Anything to be able to go outside and enjoy a cloudy, gray, day. Its utter blasphemy for the sun to have its own way. Who made it the boss? I am ready for a revolution, boys! Lets black magic that moon into submission and make this witchy vampire happy!

Kinky Fetish Fans its your Satanic Phone Sex Mistress

Whats UP? Yeah I know that was kind of a corny joke, ha! Sue me. I wanted to check in with my kinky fetish fans and let you know whats new in your satanic phone sex mistress’s personal world. I have been fairly grumpy this year. I know its only march of 2016 but so far its kinda sucked. I somehow developed pretty severe tendonitis in my shoulder. It could have been from an injury I got last december. Let me tell you it HURTS like hell! I have limited range of motion and the pain has been described as “like a tooth ache” and I fully agree! Your satanic mistress is NO massochist. Actually I am a big baby and can be quite sulky when it comes to ME being pain. You on the other hand….well I am a bit of an erotic sadist. When I see a mans tushy presented to me I immediately think paddles and spankings. Dont get me started on CBT fetish play. You get the idea. I like being in control. You already knew this, though, didnt you? Such kinky fans I have.

So I started physiotherapy and next I am trying acupuncture. I dont know if I like the idea of anyone sticking needles in me but this shoulder is killing me so I am going to go through with it. I actually dig chinese medicine and holistic stuff. You may not have known that. I am quite the health nut to be honest. I eat a strict plant based diet and use herbs *Winks* to keep myself happy, healthy and wise. Your body is your temple. Let me correct that. My body is your temple. When you are a femdom goddess you cant help but let your mind slide into the domination gutter every few seconds or so. lmao

I am a side sleeper and I like to sleep on the side that has the tendonitis. Consequently, it hurts and makes sleeping impossible. Thats another thing that makes me grumpy like an ole grizzly bear. I need my sleep. At least 8 lovely hours. How can a crypt girl get her sleep if she keeps feeling pain? She cant. This is why I asking all of you to call and ask me to take my pain out on you. Yes, you heard me right. Lets get out the BDSM toys and other fun things and lets have a domination session. Fun will be had by all and it will take my mind off my tendonitis. Be a good boy and pick up the phone and offer to be my fantasy slave.

Thats one hot order for a kinky fetish fan! *wink*

Ziggy Stardust – RIP David Bowie I Will Miss You

It’s taken a while for me to post about this because for the first time in my life someone has died that had a great impact on me since I was a teenager. Today I officially say good bye to David Bowie. He was an artiste in every sense of the word. He was one of the fringe people that made it. He showed us that freaks and geeks could be cool, really cool. He was proud to be an original and waved his freak flag high! I loved his many faces and his transformations. Commander Tom, Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke and now Lazarus. Lazarus is a story from the bible about a man who was brought back to life by Jesus. He resurrected. How I wish David could do the same BUT maybe he will through his music and art. I read the other day that there are at least 5 years worth of songs for us to hear and that they will be released at certain intervals. So maybe in his own way Bowie will still be here, just not in the flesh form.

I was literally heart broken to hear he had died. To be honest I cried. I still tear up when I hear anything about him. I happened to be listening to my itunes on shuffle the other day and Fame started playing. I went to quickly skip it and made myself stop. Here was a chance to pay some sort of homage to the man and I sang and cried my heart out. I rarely get this sappy publically but this one hurt to the core. David has been in my heart for many many years, as he has been for many of his fans. He was an amazing gentleman with charm and intellect. I kept going to youtube and watching old videos of him that make me smile and warm my heart. When the universe made David Bowie they broke the mould.

Good bye, Ziggy. This goth misfit wont forget you, ever.

Comedy, Horror, and Thriller Movies I Watched Lately

I got a chance to rent The Visit on Itunes last night. I honestly didnt know what to expect but the trailer looked chilling and I thought to myself, “this movie has the potential to be quite twisted”. I was right! Its a story about these 2 grandparents and the foilbles of being too trusting. I dont want to spoil the plot for you but who sends their offspring to visit grandparents sight unseen? Its a slow burn but when it heats up it gets real interesting. On a side note I think having grandparents like this would be kind of interesting, They seem pretty creepy. I like creepy. I would live with the Adams Family if they would adopt me. 😀

2 things this movie taught me? Never crawl into an oven to clean it and never feed old folk too late in the day lol.

Also, dont do too much snacking during this thriller lmao. A couple of scenes had be choking pretty hard on my food. Takes a lot to make me gag or be squicked but this movie was a real charmer when it comes to gross lmao.

Over the holiday season your freaky femdom watched a few more movies. I caught Neighbors. The comedy with Seth Rogen? I love Seth Rogen. First off he’s a Canuck and hes cute, too! He is also pro herb and has the funniest, wet, wheezy, laugh I have ever heard. I have to say as much as I enjoyed this movie it wasnt one of his best. It doesnt compare to Pineapple Express, for example, but all in all I had some good laughs through it. Its worth a watch if you havent watched it already.

I also re-watched the cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. If you havent watched this cult classic then get onto netflix or whatever you watch and find it. Its hilarious, touching and totally crazy! Johnny Depp is fantastic in it and it has a rocking sound-track with a lot of classic tunes. I have watched this movie about 15 times now I adore it so much.

Oh and I couldnt resist Human Centipede 3. You think they cant top the first 2 with total craziness? You are wrong. This movie was totally nuts! I needed bleach for my eyes afterwards lmao. Another horror movie that you might not want to have snacks through, just saying. It was totally over the top! The only thing I didnt like about it was the guy from the first one? The German dude? He kept screaming and making inarticulate sounds which really freaking annoyed me. It was harsh on the ears and I dont really get why they needed to show him doing that all the time. Once or twice would have sufficed. After that it was over-kill, imo.

As you all know I watch a lot of movies. Its my passion. Your phone sex mistress wont keep blathering on about all the comedy and thrillers I watched as I need to get up off this chair and go play in the snow. Yes, it snowed today, which like never happens in my part of the world but hey, when it does its a novelty. I especially love it at night. Its almost 9 pm now. Perfect time to stalk the block, right? *Wink*

Whats New for Your Satanic Mistress in 2016

Welcome to yet another year on this planet. I guess, most of you know how much I loathe most holidays. Christmas and New Years are quite mediocre in my books. I never make New Years Resolutions because I think the whole notion is really dumb. If I want to change something about my life I just do it. I dont really need a special day to get myself focused on my life. You are probably wondering what I did for the holiday. Well, Christmas was spent with your satanic mistress flopped out on the couch with her 2 favourite felines watching netflix. We had snacks and played with catnip toys. It was the perfect day. I dont do present exchanges etc because I believe that is such a waste of money and time. People spend way too much time on such silly pursuits. If you must spend money why not donate to your local mission or to an animal shelter. There are 2 good ways to brighten other beings lives, right there.

I am not Christian and my belief system was created by me and me alone. I am spriritual but I dont buy into organised religion so Christmas really means very little to me. Its just an excuse to relax and enjoy time with my cats. Seriously, my life, at times, its very simple and absolutely perfect for me. I tend to be a loner and I dont much like too much human interaction so dont feel sorry for me. I prefer my life this way. I have no stress over the holidays and my bank account stays in the black so its all good. Now my cats I do spoil. I love my babies to death and making them happy makes me happy. The holidays are a good excuse for new cat toys and time well spent cuddling with them.

New Years is another boring one for me. I had some vodka drinks with a friend and yeah, I got my fetish kicks with said friend. We had a lovely and kinky time. Then she went home and I relaxed again. Was quite satisying. I did do calls early on in the evening and some of you called to play and wish your satanic mistress a happy new years. Thank you, to each and every one of you. You know that my black, evil, heart loves all of you very much. This year may see me start a podcast. We shall see. I have some ideas rolling around in my head and I am always thinking of ways to market myself. Of course I will be available for erotic phone entertainment, too. Lets make 2016 and amazing, kinky, wonderful year? How does that sound?

Sounds damn good to me!!!

Sick Fetish Phone Sex for Freaky Fetish Addicts

When you wish to have sick fetish phone sex with this satanic mistress all you have to do is place a call to 1 888 758 8411 and tell the lovely, female, dispatcher that you would like to buy time with me. Calls are sold in blocks, starting with 10 mins. All calls are 2.50 USD per minute. I am affilated with this company and they have been in business for a very long time. You can rest easy knowing its a USA based company that values your privacy. I do not get your info! Not your name, CC number, or address. This way when you talk to me we are completely anonymous to each other.

All of this companies dispatchers are bondable, as well. They only hire the best. I want you to have a good time. Whether to you talk to me or one of my sexy friends who also works with this company. You can even have a 2 girl call. All you have to do is request for 2 girls and you can pick them yourself or have the dispatcher help you choose. They know their stuff and will try and match you up with the perfect PSO for your fantasy. We cater to all fantasies and fetishes and all calls are private and between you and your phone mate.

What do I love to do on a sick fetish phone sex call? Well, I am into fantasy play. I also tell wonderful, graphic, erotic, stories too if you just want to relax and listen. I would say that the bizarre or unusual titilates me. Being  asci-fi horror buff helps lend to my creativirty. From aliens to succubus play, I am the cats meow. I am not very good at being submissive. I am much more dominant and sexually aggressive then those types of girls who just repeat, yes, sir and no sir. I am a chatter-box and I keep up my end of the conversation. If you have a freaky fetish you want to share with me then dont keep me waiting. I wont to explore your fantasy and paint this vivid, dark, picture for you that is just dee-lish! I want to make you so addicted to your mistress that no one else could possibly do.

If you are just looking for a conversation I am a great listener, as well as a great talker. I can converse about horror movies, music, and life in general.

I cant wait to talk to you. I truly mean that.

No limits Fantasy Science Fiction Phone Sex Kink

October is one of the best months of the year. Hallowe’en is better than X-mas. Way better. So, whats a good way to celebrate the first month of fall? Science fiction phone sex fantasy play, thats how. All the scary decorations are going up and people are picking their costumes for trick or treating, adult, party fun. What kind of character or monster do you see yourself as? Or maybe you see me as some sexy, mysterious, mythogical, monster? I have no limits in this realm. You could literally pick any sci-fi fantasy of your choosing. Want to have some kinky cuckold roleplay with aliens as the studs? I kind of picture aliens having really big dickies and aggressive attitudes. I could be their human hybrid queen! I could cuckold you, torment your hard on, and then have a wild sex party with my alien worshippers while you watch and/or fluff. Just a thought.

Or maybe you want me to role play the alien living in a very delectable, human, body. I have been sent down to earth to “harvest” perverted men for my home planet. Maybe, that planet is ran by sexy female aliens and all the human males are their kinky slaves? We could do a domination phone sex fantasy with me as your dark mistress, or we could just come up with a kinky twist to any boring, old, theme. Like, instead of an sexy boss seducing you? How about a sexy, alien, boss? Or, what about the old “hook up off a dating site” fantasy? Could be way more interesting if I am this other-worldly, sex hungry, fox looking to hook up with a men who crave a true walk on the wild side. Are you one of those men who digs science fiction and has no limits to how far your nerdy imagination can go? You need to conjure this devilish vixen up for some play-time.

I am also very open to fembot roleplays, witch and goddess fantasies, demoness or succubus fun, vixen vampires, or anything else your dick can dream up. I am known for my detailed imagination and lust for new challenges so dont be afraid to try your supernatural phone sex fantasies on me.