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Forced Bi Phone Sex or Concubine for Satan

Weird title for a forced bi phone sex blog or what? Well, fuckers let me explain. It never occurred to me before but you little knob gobblers are Satan’s concubine. If you don’t dream of sucking dick for Demonica then look away, fuckers and let me have a private chat with those of you that […]

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Cannibal Fetish Phone Sex BBQ

This time of year dutifully reminds how annoying shit bags (humans) are. Take for instance the family next door to me. Mostly quiet, until their brood visits. Then we have a circus of breeders, of varying ages, whooping and hollering while they bbq in the backyard. That brings me to my point – cannibal fetish […]

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Religious Blasphemy Fetish Phone Sex Church in the Woods

The chants of her male disciples echoed through the forest. Dusk was the prescribed time of day for such a taboo ceremony. A ceremony with religious blasphemy and desecration coupled with unclean thoughts and actions. The men of the village had been infected with a taint and the church in the woods was their new […]

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Extreme CBT Phone Sex Queen Needs a New Pain Pig

Sometimes, I get so caught up in being this Satanic Queen that I forget to blog about some of my other dungeon pastimes. I like extreme CBT phone sex. Its the perfect fetish for a pain pig. And if you identify with being a pig then you don’t get any say as to where on […]

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Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex Fuck Pig or Annoying Xtian?

Which are YOU? I hold some delicious hope that you fucking annoying Xtian’s are reading my blogs. I also hope that the fucking wood you get scares the fuck out of you. I can hear your simpering now. “Please god, I didn’t mean to get a chubby over religious blasphemy phone sex? I am not […]

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Satanic Succubus Snuff Sex Tape

Satanic Succubus Snuff Sex Tape Story Written By Demonica Ok, so I have a confession. I was in the dark about all this supernatural stuff.  I mean I am just a regular dude. Who believes in that shit anyways? I surely didn’t. That is, until she visited me. I say she, because even though I […]

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Satanic Phone Sex Fan Mail

LMAO I just spent the day going through my emails from fans and let me tell you some of you little fuck monkeys amuse me. I especially enjoyed the one from a fucked up fan who is going to pray for my soul. I truly hope that bebe jesus will forgive me. What would I […]

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Supreme Female Nation Breeding Programme

Do not whine! It is rather unbecoming and will earn you a time out in the breeding cage. You DO know what happens in the breeding cage, don’t you? Ah, yes. Now I see the reverence I was seeking. Use this lesson to not fuck up again, because I will banish you to the breeding […]

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