Chirstmas is Coming for Phone Sex Perverts too!

Hey perverts! You know I use that word affectionately. The christmas season is upon us and the day is coming soon. Luckily for you boys I dont celebrate it. Well, I do have a black Xmas tree that looks like it could be owned by Rob Zombie but thats my warped sense of goth humour […]

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December 15, 2014 { Comments: None }
Category: Demonikah's Personal Tidbits, Fantasy Phone Sex, Phone Sex Mistress

Fantasy Phone Sex Witch

Greeting’s pervs! I havent updated on here in a while but I have been around for calls so no whining. Love when one of you guys whines about me not blogging when you have never bothered to call. See, your whining will be recieved better when you actually put your money where your mouth is. […]

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Halloween Phone Sex ~ The Exorcist

If you have failed to notice one of my fave movies of all time is The Exorcist. This little gem of a horror movie was made way back in 1973 but dont think it will be boring. Its not. It has stood the test of time and is perfect for your Halloween viewing. As a […]

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Your Phone Sex Mistress is a Vegan

I am not sure why this is such a shock and granted it doesnt come up during conversations on the phone too much but I confess I am a strict vegan. I told this to someone who shall remain nameless the other day and he was all shades of shocked. I guess a delicious phone […]

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September 12, 2014 { Comments: None }
Category: Demonikah's Personal Tidbits, Fantasy Phone Sex, Phone Sex Mistress, Phone Sex Vampire

The Revenant: Horror Movie Review

Any of you guys seen this horror flick? I have been wanting to stick the occasional movie review in here because this site is about getting to know me better, right? Those interesting thoughts and tidbits that I may not share on other places on the big, bad, net. If you are looking for epic […]

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September 11, 2014 { Comments: None }
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Strap On Phone Sex Mistress

I absolutely love strap on phone sex! I also love using my dildo cock in my personal time too. There is a knack to having strap on sex. Seriously. I have the finesse and the dexterity (plus the agressive nature) to make our domination session the fucking bomb! I wont brag about the notches in […]

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Does Your Devilish Phone Sex Mistress Know?

Yes, I do. I know everything just like that old fart, santa claus lol. I know If you have been naughty (yay) or nice (boring) and what you wet dream about at night. All the really juicy stuff. Of course, having said that I am not a mind reader. If you call all you have […]

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I Heard Marilyn Burns Died Today: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I am totally fucking bummed! Marilyn Burns died yesterday. She was in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in case you didnt know. She was a scream queen and part of one of my favourite cult horror movies You guys know how much I love horror and sci-fi flicks. They are my abolsutely fave and a […]

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