Your Kinky Femdom Is A Vampire: I Hates Summer!

Who thought summer was a good idea?

All that hot sun beating down on my lilly white flesh is horrid! I hate sweating and I hate sun in my eyes! I can barely see anything, even with ray bans on. This kinky Femdom has no idea what the big deal is? Why do you sun-worshippers exist? I guess, fried human taste good to a vampire? Ok, lol, I might have a point there but not if you are going to cover yourself in sun-tan oil. Stuff smells awful and tastes even worse. Maybe, some coconut oil would be better? Hey, if you look tasty enough I might even offer to help rub it in. *WInk*

All kidding aside, I just dont get it. Never will. I cant rememeber the last time I even had a tan. I have been avoiding the sun for so many years now. I know it wont be a popular notion but I cant wait for fall and then winter! The glorious, dreary, days of constant rain soothe my savage soul! This heat oppresses me. Its unbearable, I tell you! I think I will just stay inside in the air conditioning. I have lots of ice and vodka. What else would I need? A little refer madness and Netflix, yes? My cute kitties? Darn tootin!!

Oh and some hot vampish, femdom, phone sex with you kinksters! Lets not forget that!! Other then that I am going to hide, blog and keep the vodka flowing. Oh and tweeting on twitter too, which I havent done in the last couple of days. My bad. I know how much you guys love all my posts of 80’s goth music. 😉 Seriously, get your butt on twitter and open and account, dude. You can follow me and all my groovy posts.

Other then that? Protest this shitty weather. Ugh!

A Religious Experience with your Phone Sex Goddess of Blasphemy!

Stop right there. Yes, you. Before you decide to have the very best religious experience of your mortal life you will want to kneel in an appropriate fashion and kiss the toes of your blasphemy phone sex Goddess. Like all other female goddesses before me I command attention, alligiance and deference. I am like any other god you may have worship in the past, except here I take no prisioners and there are no holds barred.There are no rules restricting you to behaving like a good boy. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. For I am the kinky femdom of your most wet nightmares. Dont expect mercy from your satanic Mistress. You will be sorely disappointed. What should you expect when you kneel before me and my congregation of Demonicon’s? All of your hidden fetish desires will be brought into the light of day. Nothing will be hidden from me. You will confess all your delectable sins. Your lust to serve me itches your belly and gnaws at your groin. You dream of a woman’s power. That why you seek a devilish succubus, like myself out. I am so much more than just a woman. I am a hell spawned, hell-cat and my claws are as sharp as my wit. I will dominate you, my dear boy. You will crawl to me and beg to remove one of my 6 inch heels so you may annoint my feet in your saliva. You want to smell me, taste me, and be enveloped in my dark perfume until your head is swimming with carnal lust. I want you aroused and confused. So much easier to manipulate you, my tasty worshipper

This is the effect I have on mere, mortal, men. They cannot resist me. They long to offer their throat, balls, and souls to me. Why? Because our unholy union, as me as their mistress, and them being my sensual slave, is too heady to ignore. You will forget all those other gods and goddesses. They will be but mere memories. Boring ones at that. You will never long for delicious servitude and erotic bdsm excitement when you are genuflecting before your dark queen! You know that this just the start to exploring all your fetishes and particularly, kinky, fantasies.

First, you must be pray at the altar of my thighs and pussy. That will be your first religious experience. That in itself is blasphemy at its finiest. You will call out my name 3 times and be subjected to this mytholigical mistress’s deviancies. I will make you understand your role in my greater good. This isnt even about you any more. Time to learn humility and sacrifice, for my needs are large and demanding. You will sacrifce much to be allowed into my underworld of lust and carnality.

American Witch Phone Sex: Salem Mistress Must Be Obeyed!

Last night I re-watched Lords of Salem, for about the 20th time. Ever notice how so many horror movies involving witches are kind of cheesy? There are some good ones out there but you would have to search for them. If you havent watched Lords of Salem, you should. This Rob Zombie movie has a very sureal, European, feel to it. There’s lots of yummy blasphemy and, of course, American witches! Salem witches, to be exact.

I have always been fascinated with witch trials. Lets be real here. You do realise that these women who were perscuted were healers who believed in old magic? Not horrid people, just different. Free thinkers, if you will. Then comes along the Christian, mysogynistic, men and they couldnt stand to see women empowered, embracing their own intuition and internal magic, and voila, you have witch hunts and trials.

Now, as far as the fantasy aspect of witch-craft and the femdom are concerned, I like to think that this phone sex witch lives in more progressive world, where powerful women are emboldened and cherished by their mortal male slaves. Yes, now we own you, dear boy. Now, it’s the men who are obeying us. Are you feeling me? In a fantasy, science fiction, world, the witch mistress is all powerful and must be obeyed!

Why would you want to be a good boy in my presence? Well, let me tell you. Not only am I controlling, alluring, an irrefutably mesmerizing, I can also cast spells. Do you really want to mess with that black magic? I could turn you into my high heels, smelly gym shoes, panties or even a ugly toad. I could also make parts of you shrink – I will let that sink in for a moment. On the other side of the coin I could also make parts of you grow, depending on my mercurial mood and your behavior. Pissing me off wont bode you well, this I can assure you. I would quite like shrinking your dick down to a nub and then laughing at you as you follow me around, begging your phone sex mistress to reverse the spell. No man wants to be denied his stroking sessions or denied his orgasm! I would imagine finding any traction with that little thing would be impossible. The ole, “banging a stick around in a man-hole” saying comes to mind. Imagine the frustration you would feel?? I would make you jump through so many amusing hoops, you have no idea. Worshipping my black, 6 inch, stiletto high heels and then, my sweaty feet! Then there is my strap on cock! Imagine the religious experience you would have impaled on that?

I woul never stop tormenting you in the most delicious ways. So many bizarre things I could do to you and with my witchcraft and cunning, you wouldnt stand a chance. Do you hear me, boy? You wouldnt stand a chance.

I Have Been Thinking About Perceived Conceptions About Your Mistress

The last couple of days, I have been thinking about perceived conceptions about your Mistress. It all started when I was having a conversation with a fairly new caller to me. We have been burning up the phone line talking about so many different, creeptastic, sci-fi, things! Along with all the neat and nerdy, fantasy talk we have also spent some time getting to know each other. In the flow of our conversations it has come up that I am very approachable and a good listener. I really do want to hear what you are thinking. I enjoy sharing ideas and much prefer that you actively partake in the call. Not that calling for a story is wrong. I do those too and enjoy weaving a lust-filled, debauched, tale for you. I just find there is a better connection, between us, if I know what going on in your head.

The other aspect of our calls is our conversations outside of fantasy. I enjoy chatting and getting to know you. I have a vivacious laugh and love to talk about all kinds of things. For instance, I recommend horror movies to this caller and we often critique movies we have both watched. There is so much enthusiasm in our discussions! He loves them as much as I do and, trust me, he has watched a lot of them too. We get on all kinds of topics. I wonder, though, if some of you feel that as soon as you connect I am going to shush you and take over? I dearly hope not. As much as I can be a creepy biotch and a bizarre mistress, and I can definitely be bossy, I am also human and I want to interact with you.

So, dont be scared, I dont bite too hard. *wink*

Domination Phone Sex with your Satanic Demon Mistress

Lately, I have become aware that I have some stalkers. No, not in a bad way, but rather, in a delicious way. I am tickled that so many of you have been reading my domination phone sex blogs and enjoying my sci-fi and sensual, horror, fantasy, stories. I have even had one or two of you quote my twitter posts to me. How utterly delightful! Your satanic demon mistress is very pleased, indeed.

They say sincere flattery is the way to a woman heart. Now, just because I am not your typical woman, doesnt mean you shouldnt compliment me. I really do like getting feedback. When I have a new caller, or an established fan, confess that he has spent so much of his time, online, on of my sites or perusing my twitter tells me that I am making magic! My written voodoo is having an effect on you and bringing you closer to me and my devious, black, heart. I want to bring you into the fold and keep you with me, as my pet, for eternity, my dear morsel. Yes, I did say eternity.

What kind of fantasy demon seductress would I be if I had a capture and release programme?

I play for keeps. If you conjure me up, via the phone, and I find you tasty, I wont ever let you go. I am the “siren of soul collecting” and the “bewitching keeper of perverts”. You will be enslaved to me and, lets face it, you wont ever want to be ex-communicated from my kinky congregation. Ask any Demonicon’s if they want to walk away from their dark and enticing femdom and they will tell you absolutely not. No, they havent drank the kool-aid. They just know, in their heart of hearts, that I am the siren of their most edgy, extreme, and bizarre dreams. Why would you want to go elsewhere once you find that kind of nirvana? It would be pure religious blasphemy to even think about asking your phone sex mistress for your soul back and you wouldnt dare dream of it, anyways. I know I have you under my kinky thumb.

What makes me the cats ass, you might ask yourself? Its the attention and detail I give to ever session I do. I love painting pictures with words. Its aural porn for the discerning gent! I also feel that because I love what I do, and talk about things I’m truly titilated by, that callers can “feel” that. They can hear my excitement and feel my connection to them and the topic at hand. Thats not bragging. Anyone can accomplish this by doing what they love best.

I simply love what I do.

Succubus Phone Sex: The Ultimate Femme Fatale Mistress

Hello, there sinners!

Today I want to talk about succubus phone sex or just succubi in general. If you are not aware a succubus, in mythology, is a female demon. You could say demoness, as well, if you prefer. These femme fatales are supernatural beings who thrive on sexual lust and activity. When I think of the ultimate mysterious mistress I think of a female demon in all her glory! The femme fatale of your creepiest, lustfilled dreams!

The word succubus is derived from Late Latin succuba “paramour”; from succub(āre) “to lie under” (sub- “under” + cubāre “to lie in bed”),[1] used to describe the supernatural being as well. The word is first attested from 1387.

By that logic you could consider your demoness to be your delicious paramour, with a kinky twist. Why? Well, normally a paramour is there to please the man but in this case its the exact opposite. You, dear mortal, are here to please her. To feed her your energy, your lust, your soul. You are the offering. You are the one on the bottom rung of the ladder. This very attractive, seductive, hell-cat will turn you inside out and upside down. You will never be in control in her presence so dont delude yourself. She will always have all the power and the upper-hand. You are a mere mortal and a man, what trait could you possibly possess to turn a satanic wild cat into a tame kitty? I am actually chuckling to myself because many of the gentlemen who call me think that a succubus is just a horny chick who will do anything they want in bed. Those guys are awfully cute but terribly naive. I love schooling them in the craftiness and cunning that a phone sex demoness, such as myself, is capable of during a domination phone sex fantasy call.

You wont pull the wool over this seductress eyes so put that simple thought out of your simple head. You are led by your cocks and femme fatales and wicked women are led by their need to seduce and own your flesh, if you will. It all happens in the mind, for us, therefore we are not slaves to our genitals right from the get go, unlike yourselves. We stalk, we watch, we wait and we pounce. Then, and only then, do we allow our carnal lusts to take over and possess us. Its a process and one you males cannot recreate. Mistress Succubi know this and use it to their advantage. Did you know that Lilith, the woman purported to be Adam’s wife before Eve came along, became a succubus? She became one of the Queen’s of the Demons. Mmmhmm, its very intriguing! I just love mythology and much of it can be used, to some extent, for my fervid imagintion during a fantasy phone session with you.

Your Phone Sex Vamp’s Boots are a Religious Experience

Ok, odd title, I know and I think everyone knows what a high heel and boot fetish your sex vamp, Demonikah has. I find them incredibly empowering. I feel like a lusty demoness when my gorgeous ass, sashays right by, and all the mortal men take notice. Men just like you. You are so fooled by a woman’s delectable body. Its a trap! We wear corsets, stockings, garters and high heels to ensnare you and it works every time. I like to lead you on a lust-filled chase, where you attempt to get my attention on you. You would do anything to be allowed to worship me and end the game of cat and mouse. You feel like a sinner, kneeling in church, hoping that some pious individual will notice you, and take pity on you. Of course, I am not pious, nor am I the type to forgive you for being the pervert that you are. What fun would there be in that? Hoping that I would show you some sort of lienancy is utter blasphemy! You wouldnt be drawn to the lush, dark, siren I am if I were to be merciful. You want me to get inside your head and play. You religious experience will be happening with your pants down and your dick under my wicked control.

Or, maybe, that religious experience I am talking about refers to me and my utter joy at boot shopping! I love zippers and laces! I love pointy toes and 6 inch, spiked, heels! I get tingles in my nether regions when I run my hands up my smooth calves encased in some glossy, PVC, mistress boots of doom! Never make the mistake of thinking I am a switch or a slut. I am neither. It doesnt resonate inside of me, nor does it turn me on. I am more turned on by my boot on the back of your head as you kneel, face down, below me. From there I should hear you praying for my forgiveness and mercy. Not because you will get any but because I like hearing it. It tickles me to no end knowing you shiver before me, with lust straining your cock, and your tongue prepared to lick my boots to make me smile. You will like your time with me much better if you learn to please me and antcipate my needs. It also helps if you crave the kind of dark, edge, play that I so enjoy!

I have a whole closet full of boots and stilettos. I own pairs that lace up the front, have zippers on the side, I even have a pair that have red ribbon lace, criss crossing, up their backs. I have 5 pairs of thigh high boots, as well. A phone sex mistress can never have too many shoes! If you think I have too many then that blasphemous tongue of yours needs quelling! I have some interesting gags for that or we could even break out my strap on cock, which I feel is the perfect accessory to the high heels. Luckily, you sinners love your hot vamp in high heels. Your libido does too. Makes you weak, my dear mortal. Weak.

Now I am craving a foot fetish domination phone sex session!

Next guy who calls is going to be introduced to my boots of doom and if he plays his cards right he might find my toes in his mouth. Communion should never be forgotten in the church of Demonikah.

Now, say it with me! All Hail, Demonikah!

Goth Phone Sex Music That Your Mistress Loves

Its me, your Satanic Mistress, Demonikah!

So a lot of you know in real life, that is aside from my phone sex fantasy world, I am a goth. I always will be. Being goth isnt just about wearing black and looking sullen. Its a culture onto itself, ripe with art, music and poetry. I consider myself very artistic. I draw, I write and I adore music. Not all of the music I listen is goth but much of it is. I tend to really enjoy the older stuff, from an era gone by, when wearing black, having freaky hair and wearing winklepickers was not mainstream. I actually hate how mainstream it has become, to be honest. We use to be fringe people, outsiders. We were cool because we were un-cool. Does that make sense?

If you know anything about the culture you will know all about the grand-daddies of goth. Well, it could be said that David Bowie was the one that paved the way for the burst of goth culture in the late 70’s early 80’s too. I happen to be a huge fan of David Bowie. Well, his old stuff. By the mid 80s he became rather mainstream and bland for my liking but I digress. I was talking about the grand-daddies of goth music. The band in question is Bauhaus. You dont bleed black, baby if you dont listen to and love Bauhaus. Period, end of story. Their music is creepy, sullen, darkly sensual, rocking and just plain, fucking, amazing! Go to youtube right now and put in Bauhaus and any of these titles: Stigmata Martyr, Rosegarden Funeral of Sores, Bela Lugosi’s Dead and their cover of Ziggy Stardust, for starters.

I generally hate covers but they do an incredible cover of it! What a homage to David Bowie!

When I am available for calls I am often listening to my favourite tunes, my little stalkers so if you want to feel a kinky attachment to me, listen to one of these guys songs and then give me call.

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