What Has Your Evil Phone Sex Mistress Been Up To?

Yeah, I know I have been kinda lame as far as blogging goes. Its not on purpose, I promise you! You Demonicon’s (guys who read my official websites and call my exclusive company line 1 888 758 8411) will be happy to know that your phone sex Mistress has been slaving away on marketing. Yup, thats right. I am going to create a password protected site thats only for callers who call me through my toll free line. Its in the works and I will give you more info when the time comes.

I also am going to spending some time this weekend on a little visit to Alberta. Yeah, in Canada so you might not see me around unless I decide to log in for a few, here and there. I need a bit of break. Its been very busy on my line and I had my whole front yard tore the shit up for a reno. Its been a very busy summer. Now, I know one or two of you is going to offer to meet up with me in Alberta. I caution you to rethink that. Knowing this blasphemous goddess as well as you do, do you think its a good idea to be alone, in the wilderness, with me? Ha! Conjures up lots of thoughts and none of them are wholesome. Plus, as I have said before I make a very good online succubus and  evil phone sex mistress but I am make a terrible lover. Even the word lover makes this evil siren’s skin crawl. You just cant keep up with this ole, black magic, demoness. Plus, if I lost you in them Canadian woods I just might leave you there because I am kind of mischievous. *Wink*

I am available tonight and for the rest of the week up until friday evening so if you want to do a kinky, extreme, uncensored, call with me you know what to do.

Trailer Park Boys: Canada’s Finest Export

Today’s blog post will not about be about horror movies and creepy stuff.

It will be about the Trailer Park Boys! Or as they are also known “TPB”. This comedy show is Canada’s finest export. I have watched this show since the beginning when they first appeared on Showcase a long ass time ago. If you have not seen this show, my god, get your butt on Netflix and start watching it. Its completely brilliant! I generally hate comedy sitcoms. They are full of bad jokes and canned laughter. All the plots are the same, the characters are all the same, its just boring. TPB is so original and fresh, even to this day.

Imagine a TV show about a trailer park and all the different and unusual people that might live there? TPB steps outside of the usual comedic boredom and the laughs are from the heart. This show started out on a small budget and it has a very home grown feel to it but thats all part of its charm. The basis of the show is, the “camera dicks” (as they are known on the show) follow the boys around and film their antics. We are led to believe, in tv fantasy land, that this trailer park really exists and that Ricky, Bubbles, Jullian and the whole cast are real people living in Sunnyvale Park, in Nova Scotia, Canada. They pull this act off with panache. As a matter of fact the boys, up until very recently, always appeared in character on talk shows and such.

The boys, as they are called, are Bubbles, Ricky, and Jullian. They are the 3 main characters in the show but that doesnt mean the supporting cast isnt incredible. You have Mr. Jim Lahey. He is the supervisor of the park and he has his assistant, Randy. Lahey and Randy are lovers and make the cutest couple. They are also all around shit disturbers for the boys! As a side note, the fella who plays Lahey is an incredible actor who can play a drunk like no ones business. Yes, Mr. Lahey has a love hate relationship with the booze lol. When he gets fucked up everything gets fucky on the show for the boys.

Amongst all the laughs and the guest appearances by Alex Lifeson (Rush), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and Rita Mcneil they also tackle some interesting topics in a comedic fashion. There is the relationship between Lahey and Randy, that progresses throughout the seasons, and even the adorable, cross dressing, Donna! The characters are all unique and very lovable. I like that this show does not follow the same old formula most mainstream shows do. And for the folks who say the show is a bit much or they swear too much etc…first off, its an adult show and people swear, get over it, and there is a moral to the show that the fans understand. The moral is friends stick together through thick and thin and love each other, no matter what. That theme is in every season.

Its just a heart warming show that has given me much laughs and pride. Pride in Canada and the actors on the show. They are genuinely kind to their fans and care about their fans. I think they are the cats meow and no one will be dis-ing the show in my presence or I will sock them right in the eye. Seriously, just don’t. lol

So go grab your bong and some snacks. Then turn on the Trailer Park Boys and enjoy.

Then go join Swearnet (www.swearnet.com) and become a member. Its super cheap and their are tons of funny videos etc on the site for you to enjoy.

Zombie Phone Sex Mistress Watched Wyrmwood

I am quite fond of the horror movie genre that comes out of Australia. They adore gore, pushing the limits, and adding just enough campy, tongue in cheek, fun to keep it light and entertaining. Not easy to pull off and yet they manage to keep me giggling with their antics. Zombies are a pretty hot topic right now with shows like, The Walking Dead. Your phone sex mistress have never watched that one. I have heard its really good but then again, there are people who thought True Blood was good. The only 2  characters in that show I liked were Eric and Pam and they ruined Eric in season 3, I think. They basically turned hi into a pussy whipped puppy. I will only say this one time! Vampires are NOT meant to fart glitter, be vegan or have feelings!! Why have we let crappy shows and movies neuter this genre?????? I come from a time and place where vampires were sarcastic, sometimes sexy, and always scary. WTF and Sookie’s voice made my skin crawl. What a whiny ass bitch.

So I am scared to try The Walking Dead. Simple as that. if its too much drama and not enough horror well, meh. Now, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead was a dee-lish mix of sci-fi, comedy, horror fun! I really liked it. They tout it as Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead. I think thats pretty apt. The zombies were believable looking, the characters were crazy and the disco-dancing, mad, doctor was a hoot! if you like outrageous and campy horror flicks you might just like this one. I know I did. Lots of action, zombies, a mad doctor and our hero, the brother to the sister that the mad doctor has kidnapped! He plans to save his sister, no matter what cost!

Good fun, ghouls. Check it out!

Movie Quote:

Barry: We need to find a zombie fast.
Brooke: A zombie? What do we need a zombie for?
Benny: This truck runs on zombies. No zombies? No truck.

NO spoilers here you have to watch the movie. I saw it on iTunes, myself.

Your Kinky Phone Sex Femdom is a Cunning Nature Lover


I am finally getting a new deck. My old one is fucked. My foot actually went through the boards not so long ago when I was watering my precious, blood-red, fuchsias. It was at this point that your kinky phone sex femdom said to herself, Ok this deck is a POS and its time for a new one. I went and hired a contractor and then I had to wait and wait. Its summer after all and these dorks always take their old fashioned time with permits and crap. I really have zero patience. too. I dont have many of the classic virtues that people talk about. Does that make me a extreme hedonist who cares not but for myself? Well, I do look out for number one, first and foremost. A vixen of blasphemy? Well I do swear and blaspheme a lot. Evil? Forgive me dear reader but yes, I have sinned. I am not about to change now. I do have a swet side, though. If you were a wild critter you would know the soft and sappy me. See, I have a lovely group of female deers who hang out here. One of them has a fawn and she is the most adorable baby! You, dear reader, are a toy and a play thing. You are not cute. You are naughty. You are not sweet. You are bad. So bad that you will sin with me, again and again. Its like comparing apples and oranges with YOU being the bad apple. ::wink::

Why do I mention the deer? Well the one deer likes to come up on my deck and curl up for naps and now that the deck is gone she isnt happy. She is as snippy and demanding as I am and I love her for it. I am pleased to be getting a new deck but for the love of all thats unholy lets get the damn show on the road! For the next week or so they will be pounding nails and driving me and the deer ladies bonkers and they always want to start so early in the morning. ::cries:: Why me? Sniff sniff. I am a bit of a night owl in case you didnt know. I might have to sign in for more domination phone sex sessions so I can blow off some grumpy steam. I am sure many of you are willing to offer your services to this freaky femdom, yes? I can think of many ways to amuse myself with you in the daylight hours.

Did I ever tell you about the time I took a friend out into the woods near my place and tied him to a tree? Yeah, I a a real nature lover. I like playing out in the middle of a forest. I love the smell of moss and cedar and the sound of eagles puncutated by the sounds of your moans. Every been flogged outside? Naked? Ever had a wood nymph take her evil, 18 tail, flogger and use it to make your ass nice and pink? The feel of bark rubbing against your skin and the dappled sunlight through the trees on your quivering flesh is a spiritual experience, let me tell you.

This mistress would be bare foot for this occasion. I love the feel of moist earth and leaves under my feet. I love the smell of cedar pine and moss! I like to channel the ancient ones as I touch every part of your flesh, mind and soul. Ok, I got off topic here. See how your mistress’s mind works? I get talking about boring decks and BAM I am dominating you in the middle of a forest. I just kind of go on a sexual tangent and in my mind there are visions of you, my slave, worshipping my dirty feet after your flogging. Kissing my toes and licking them. Begging to make them perfect and pristine. Humiliated and humbled all at once. I may even sit on your face and ride you till I have a wicked orgasm. Then we can go for a swim in the ocean, and later on we can make a bon fire. Once night falls who knows what wicked, supernatural, things might happen. When the wolves howl and bay at the moon you will be lost in my wicked cunning, my dear pet.

This goddess’s eyes will darken, under the moonlight, as they feast upon your flesh. My gaze is hungry but not as hungry as my lust, I assure you. Shall I feed on  your energy like the cunning succubus I am? Your flesh is cold and you’re shivering. Let me take my long demon tongue and lick your salty, ocean kissed, skin. Shall I show you what this phone sex mistress does with naked men she find in the forest? Do you hear the soft chanting? Is it driving you mad? I see your cock is mesmerized and standing at attention. The torches are lit and the only ones who will know our secrets will be the bloated, full, moon, the wood nymphs, and you and me. Who will believe you met a mistress in the forest who transformed into a succubus? Who would buy your bizarre story about the beautiful, etheral, women who came out from the forest to help this twisted femdom possess you? Not many. Its not nice to be bitten and tell, anyways.

Medusa: Females in Mythology that could apply to Fantasy Phone Sex

In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone.

Poor Medusa. So misunderstood and so scorned. If you look to the origins of Medusa it is said that she was once a beautiful maiden and that the Goddess Athena turned her into a monster as a means for revenge. I personally think Athena was the monster (the green eyed monster that is). She was jealous of her beauty and femininity and the effect it had on men, through no fault of her own. If I were Medusa I would use my incredible power to tickle and amuse my own black heart. Which brings me to the point of this fantasy phone sex blog. I want you to imagine me as Medusa for our role-play. I would make some changes to her (my) story. I would have the power to transform myself into a beautiful vixen. I find submissive men are more eager to serve a beautiful female. Yes, that’s trickery but I like that crafty aspect of my personality and so do you, if you were to be honest. I can be whatever your idea of a gorgeous siren is. Maybe you like a lusty brunette or an icy blonde? Whatever your idea of beauty is I would transform myself into her. I would also have the power to turn you into whatever I wanted with just a glance. Think about that for a moment.

I could transform you into: my panties, my high heels, my throne, my welcome mat (Literally), my sex toy….you get the idea. I know that some of you have a fetish for being turned into an inanimate object and I think that’s so cool and freaky! All it would take is for a horny male to look directly into my heavy lidded, lust-filled, eyes and BOOM. Now you are whatever we decide you should be. That would depend on your fetish and your personal desires. If you want to experience transformation play you have to confess to me what it is you would like to be turned in to. I really want to know so I can rock your world. Then we can get down to the business of a sensual domination phone sex fantasy that will titillate us both.

Here are some other ideas of what I could turn you in to: a tube of lipstick, my bra, socks, pantyhose, my foot stool, or my bath puff.

The possibilities are literally endless. Call and lets have a kinky mythology inspired role play!

Bizarre Phone Sex: What I do and dont do

It has come to my attention that many of you may not have an idea of what I like to do on phone sex calls. First off, this is my offical site and my other bizarre fetish site link can be found on my about me page in the navigational bar. These are official and mine and they are an excellent resource into my imagination and what I love to do. They are also a wonderful resource on what I dont like to do. If you want to know exactly what I am thinking and who I am then it would bode you well to check out this domain and the other one thats in the banner on the info about Demonikah page.

I am also on twitter and my handle is sickfetishdiva. Its my only twitter account.

My specialties involve domination/and or bizarre fetishes. Here is a list for you to refer to: alien fantasy, sensual femdom, succubus, witch, vampire mistress, or any mythological, supernatural, or sci-fi style role play. I also enjoy strap on, bi curious, cuckolding, SPH, intelligent conversation, getting to know you, foot fetish, shoe worship, ass worship, face sitting, statue and amputee fetish, tickle torture, smell fetish, intricate, detailed, fantasies, hair worship, feminization and any of those types of topics.

I basically love to get freaky and the more unusual your fetish is the better I like it. I like for my creativity to be spurred. I want your creativity spurred too! When we talk you need to whisper to me what you love to jerk off to. Its ok to be a nerd or whatever its called nowadays. Screw the haters. They dont know what they are missing. The great thing about fantasy is two consenting adults can share their personal buttons or sexual triggers and explore many different possibilities. There are so many directions to go in and I think we should try them all. Well, maybe not on the same call, right? lmao I do get over-excited, sometimes.

Lets chat soon. Dont keep your satanic mistress waiting. I get a wee bit frustrated when my patience is tested. I might have to conjure up my inner Hulkina if I get too frustrated with you, then you will sorry. Well, if you have a bizarre comic book fetish you might not be. *Wink*

Why is a Supernatural Mistress Better than a Flesh and Blood One?

First off, in fantasy land I can be any type of vampish siren I want. This is why I love phone sex fantasy calls. I am going to try and explain why I feel a supernatural mistress is better than a flesh and blood one, in your domination fantasy world.

Obviously, mortal femdoms are wonderfully wicked creatures. In the real world I would say that I identify as a femdom, too. The great thing about our imaginations, dressing up, and role-play is we can experience a vastly rich world full of masturbation fodder. And why not? If you are going by your imagination or playing a role you might as well go for the brass ring and allow your inner child to roam free. What I mean is, as adults, we lose that ability to tap into our inner space where stories and concepts are lush and surreal. We become embarrassed and in that embarrassment we forget our fantasy world and our incredible imaginations.

When I have a phone sex with you I attempt to tap into your “wet dream” realm, as one adult to another. Now, as adults, our inner space could be fill with all kinds of arousing delights or dark inner passions, yes? But we hide them, secreting them away so no one knows they are there but us. Such a shame. We all have these fantasies or turn ons and I see no reason why we cant explore them in a safe and anonymous enviroment. How much more safe and anonymous can you get then you and I, talking to each other, from our own bedrooms?

There are many different supernatural stories we could use to titillate each other but todays topic is about mistress play and domination. Why would a supernatural queen rock your submissive world? Let me give you a sensual sample of a scenario.

The candles flicker in every corner of the dimly lit room. Their flames dancing on the walls like surreal monsters, elongated and shimmering. Its cold. Your flesh has goose pimples and you are not sure if its from the temperature or the lusty fear tickling your balls. You are naked. Why? Where are your clothes? Where is that dark haired vixen from your dream and how come you arent still in your warm bed? Wait, there is someone there with you. Over in the corner but its hard to make her out. She is sitting on a wooden throne of wrought metal and creepy carvings. Ontop of her head lies a wreath of black roses and briars and her haunting, soft, laugh makes your cock twitch to life.

“Oh mortal one. You will make a fine slave for your supernatural mistress. Drop to your knees and crawl on the cold floor to my feet! My black, 6 inch, high heels need worshipping and I want to get a closer look at your warm flesh and hard cock..The carnal delights you are about to experience will take you from erotic pain to pleasure, and back to erotic pain again. Your whole body is going to thrum from my darkly divine touch My serpentine tail will wrap its way around your hard cock and tug, relentlessly, on it until a fat drop of precum sits, precariously, on the tip of your penis. When I sense you are close I will stop and carry on with the alternating of pleasure and delicious pain, my new toy.”

This dark and creepy mistress has powers beyond your wildest dreams! I could make your cock really small or really large. Imagine the fun we could have with that? I could be your demon queen , lusty vampire, or your mistress of the dark. Speaking of which, any of you remember “Elvira”? I have that campy kind of humour too! I love that big titty, sexy, she-demon! If you want to have supernatural phone sex of any style or niche, from wanton witch, to she-demon, to sea siren (think really bad ass mermaid) then give me a call.

Is Your Kinky Phone Sex Goddess Outspoken? Stubborn?

Hell yeah, I am!

If you have talked to me before you will be able to attest to the fact that I am a straight shooter who has thoughts of her own. Your kinky phone sex Goddess isnt afraid to express her likes and dislikes. I have been called all kinds of things. Anarchist, left wing, crazy (like that one), hippy (yup, I crunch on the granola), fringe person and the list goes on and on. It doesnt bother me one little bit. I can think for myself and I dont feel I have to pretend to be someone else to “fit in”. If you are doing that in your life, stop it right now! If people cant accept you for who you are they arent worth the trouble. Seriously. Be outspoken! Dig your heels in if you feel the fight is worth it. Being tenacious is a good thing.

Get your tin foil hat on, grab your freak flag, and go dancing down your street and wave it high!! Dont let anyone blow out your candle to make theirs look brighter. You know I could go on with the cliches but life is short and one day you will realise that what others think about you, doesnt matter. What matters is your happiness.

Same with sexuality. So many people hide what turns them on for fear of others making fun of them. Not cool, when people do that. I dont care if you want to lube up a toilet paper roll and stick your dick in while you sing a Brittany Spears song at the top of your lungs! As long as you aren’t hurting anyone and its consentual adults, have at it! As matter of fact I really like those odd fetishes. You wont ever have to worry with your kinky goddess. You can let your hair down and be yourself. You can be as bizarre or as extreme as you want. Want to talk about aliens? Intellectually, or even as a sci-fi fantasy? I can get into all kinds of conversations. I like those far out, weird, topics. Whether you want a fantasy phone sex or just to discuss a certain topic of interest in a vanilla fashion its all good with me. Phone sex can be non-sexual, or totally sexual, or it can be a mix of both.

Can I be your GFE with a real kinky twist? I sure can. I dont make a great real life GF but for fantasy talk purposes I can be that hot goth chick you always wanted to date but never had the courage to approach. You know goth chicks like to get their freak on. 😉

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